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About the Owner

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I love immersing myself in the projects and challenges of my clients to create resolutions primarily because it usually means that I will positively directly impact the lives of my clients and, therefore, indirectly the lives of others. 

I’m passionate about the work that I do and firmly believe in it. During these times, when I am giving back while helping others realize their passion and dreams that I'm at my best!

My knowledge and experiences in start-ups, new lines of business implementation, and business development projects are extensive and diverse. From traveling cross-country as a Project Manager, Auditor, and Consultant in Revenue Cycle Management for various hospital systems for Perot Healthcare, to start-ups and new lines of business implementation projects for physicians and nurse practitioner practices, to being a part of a dynamic implementation team for a new specialty hospital for Kindred Healthcare, marketing and developing urgent care centers for Velocity Urgent Care, providing management for large groups practices with multiple locations, functioning in key personnel administration positions for major hospital systems such HCA, CHS, and Sheltering Arms Hospitals in the role of Director of the hospital-owned physician practices for CHS- SVRM Center, CBO and Patient Accounting Director for Sheltering Arms and Kindred Hospital Richmond, to an instructor and Program Director of Medical Programs for Fortis College.....I have enjoyed it all!

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